Is curation just noise?

I'd like to curate stuff like stuffed bears.  It would be cool.

I’d like to curate stuff like stuffed bears. It would be cool.

One of the facets of new marketing – inbound marketing, that is – is the activity called ‘curation’.  It’s nothing to do with living in a museum looking after old stuff.  It is picking and sharing other people’s material (be that blogs, articles, white papers, info graphics etc) with your customers and prospects because you believe they are important and will be appreciated by the readership.

However, the question we ask here is: is curation just noise?


Why is it that you are better than anyone else at picking intelligent, appropriate material for your customers?  If you were that good, wouldn’t you already be the editor of the best industry publication in your sector?  Lastly, everyone has a degree of bias in what they like or discount.  As someone curating material for a readership, aren’t you just inflicting your own bias onto them?

Isn’t that what you are doing, Centric Logic?

Yes (but we are aware of this – so we do have some insight).

What is the upside?

Often, those that work within an industry sector have a deep knowledge and understanding.  That makes them able to pick intelligently.  Therefore, it might be that the curated material might actually be worthwhile.


What we do in Centric Logic is to balance the articles which we write with those that we curate from other sources.  The other thing that we do with our curated articles is add some of our own analysis or comment. That means we try to add value across the board.

Back to the original question

Given we write and publish a blog, then we do believe in new marketing.  But what we do think about curation is that it shouldn’t be something that you do too often.  If you’re not adding value to them, then there is a chance they’ll become bored and rather than being a trusted source, you might even become a figure of fun and be ‘unliked’.

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